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Removing a Computer Virus

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For a more detailed guide: Removing Computer Viruses

  1. Preliminary Steps – To be done on a non-infected computer.  NOTE: Do not try to plug an infected computer into a working Ethernet jack.
  2. Install Symantec Anti-Virus - NOTE: If your machine has other antivirus software installed, uninstall it before doing this step by going to the Control Panel and choosing Add/Remove Programs.
    1. If your machine does not have Symantec AntiVirus installed, install it using the file from step 1.a.  Choose the default options except do not run Live Update.  It will not work if your network connection has been disabled. 
    2. Run the Intelligent Updater file from step 1.b.
  3. Turn off System Restore – Windows XP and ME only
    1. Right click on My Computer and choose properties.
    2. Click on the System Restore tab
    3. Place a check mark in the box for “Turn Off System Restore”
  4. Boot your computer into Safe Mode
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. While your computer is rebooting, press F8 to bring up a menu of boot options.  NOTE: You must press F8 at the moment just before Windows begins to load.  Choose Safe Mode.
  5. Scan your computer
    1. Go to Start, Programs, Symantec Client Security, Symantec AntiVirus Client.
    2. Look on the lower right of the window to confirm that the virus defintion files are current (they shouldn’t be more than a week old). 
    3. Choose Scan, then Scan Computer.
    4. Select your local hard drive (usually the C: drive)
    5. Click  the Scan button.  NOTE: this can take a very long time.
    6. When Symantec AntiVirus finds an infected file, choose the option to remove the infection, or quarantine it if removal fails.  NOTE: It may take a day or two for Symantec to release virus definitions capable of detecting and removing new infections. 


      Attempt to Repair an Infected Computer
          1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode.
          2. Clean up all temporary directories.
          3. Scan your computer for Spyware.
          4. Flush the System Restore.
          5. Scan for Rootkits.
          6. Run a full virus scan.

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