Questions and Answers


1.       Using Internet Options to Delete Browsing History on Exit


We have Windows 7 and Windows XP programs.  Jerry and I have been using the Internet Tools Option to delete browsing history on exit from the internet.  This eliminates the cookies problem and possibly other threats such as viruses, Trojans etc.  We also have McAfee Internet Security.


Is this procedure a good practice to reduce the number of cookies and other internet threats to our computers?  We would appreciate any comments pro or con, and other relevant suggestions on this subject.


 Answer: I suggest using CCLEANER for a faster cleanup.


2.       Removing Addressees on Forwarded Emails:


Is there a practical way to remove previous addressees from forwarded emails?  As a security precaution we always delete previous emails from forwarded emails.  If there are attachments or web links embedded in the forwarded email, deleting addresses from the original emails makes the attachment or embedded web links unusable.

Is there a practical procedure that we could safely remove the original email addresses and save the original attachments and embedded web links in the forwarded emails?