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Elder Teckies Help Newsletter


Senior Computer Users of Greater Kansas City

Compiled and Edited by Don Achim  


A Not for Profit Organization - Helping Senior Citizens Develop Computer Skills in the 21st Century






 October 2010



Tutorials available online:


Beginners Guide to Computers  


Windows 7 Tutorial


Publisher Tutorial        


Powerpoint Tutorial


Quicken Tutorial


Yahoo Mail Tutorial


2003 Microsoft Tutorials


Windows Live Mail Tutorial


Online Computer Training



Help for Senior Computer Users




                                     Seniors Guide to Computers


                                             How do I cancel my AOL account





                                        Reviewing Microsoft Security Essential (FREE) 


                                                    Why use a firewall?


                                                 Favorite Old Radio Shows


                                                 Microsoft Office Tutorials


                                               Internet WEB MAIL Reviews


                                        My Computer- Turn it off or Leave it on?


                                              My computer is running real slow


                                                 Speed Up your XP Computer







Help us improve this newsletter. Tell us what you want published. Tell us what subjects you want covered. Sencom wants your input!






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