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April 2010

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Elder Techies Help Newsletter


Senior Computer Users of Greater Kansas City


A Not for Profit Organization - Helping Senior Citizens Develop Computer Skills in the 21st Century


APRIL 2010






Sencom Members want more information and asked the following questions at a recent meeting. I have listed a informational website for a quick review.


The SENCOM board will look into the possibility of a class, workshop, or a demonstration at some future date.


Is there a website that gives basic information on computers? Yes.



Whats the difference between DVD + and DVD ?- 



Are Laptops and Notebooks the same?



Is a custom built computer better than a Brand Name computer?



Does SENCOM plan to discuss SKYPE?

Yes, Skype will be demonstrated at the MAY 2010 annual meeting.





Help for Senior Computer Users



Click here to see Apr ils Software Pick


Best Free Software 2010


Monthly Website worth visiting.


Buying a new computer April Info



Windows XP tips and tricks


Online shopping and saving.


Security Tips for Seniors.


Click here to view history of computers. 


What's a computer virus?


Play Monopoly Online


Free RealPlayer Download


Download & Listen to Old Time Radio Shows


Outlook Express and Vista/Windows 7


Investment Scams


Free Genealogy Hunt


Identity Theft  Information


Elder Techies March Subject: Choosing a New Computer


Repair Utilities for Beginners and Experts


Safeguard your equipment


Elder Techies April 22nd Agenda








Help us improve this newsletter. Tell us what you want published. Tell us what subjects you want covered. Sencom wants your input!




Meet John Worden, Board Member, Instructor, Webmaster,and Elder Techie. John is well versed on digital

photography and offers some excellent classes on digital photo editing.



Meet Teresa Weaver, Board Member, Instructor, Membership Chairperson, and past president of SENCOM.

Teresa is always willing to answer your questions. Don't be shy-Give Teresa a call.






Simply point and click left button on mouse to open


Subjects of Interest to many seniors:


Healthy Meals at a budget price


Champss Johnson County



                                                                 Medical Information


Seniors Medical Symptoms





Fighting Crime in Johnson County


Fraud Alert Information


Fraud and Scams




Political Facts and Fiction


                                                               Politics-OBJECTIVE Reporting


Corruption in Government


Lobbyist contributions


                                                                          General Interest


Making Things Last Longer


Funny Emails

















For Beginners Only:


You don't have to know everything to be comfortable with computers. But there is a lot of information that will help you understand why things are the way they are... and how disaster can strike!

"Knowledge is power!" So it's to your advantage to gather all the knowledge that you can. Besides which, computers are lots of fun - when they aren't driving you insane!!!

What's in these lessons?

The lessons in this Computer Basics section of Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 explain a lot of the techno-babble that you hear about computers. The goal is to learn enough that you can follow along as computer technology becomes more and more important in our world.

Consider this set of lessons "Beginning Driver's Ed" for the computer. What might be covered in a Driver's Education course in high school? How the engine works. Parts of the car. How to turn it on. How to shift gears. Rules of the road. Laws. Proper signaling. Lane changing. Basic maintenance. Changing a flat. Filling up with gas. Some clues on when "You'd better stop the car now!"

The topics covered here will introduce you to a similar set of topics about computers. When you finish, you'll be just as prepared to "drive" a computer, as you were to drive a car when you finished Driver's Ed. Scary thought, isn't it? That clearly means you will need lots of practice with a skilled "driver" in the passenger's seat before you can be considered "safe on the road!" But we can get you started! But, really, you'll understand the basic ideas behind computers, some of the ills that affect computers, and some of the basic safety measures to take to keep your computer healthy. You'll gain some knowledge of how we got to today's computers and what lies ahead. It'll be great!
























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